How exactly Do you Scribe ?

How+I+Scribe (1).jpeg

I’ve been scribing for all my professional working life but it’s hard to pin down how I do it beyond “listen really carefully and keep listening while you draw the last important thing you heard”! That’s it in a nutshell. It’s a strain on your working memory so, as with most information gathering, you might want to download some of it onto post-it notes. I have used my phone but people think you’re chatting to mates in the middle of their big presentation. But sometimes - often - you can’t use post-its because it’s all happening too quickly. In which case I find the pressure of the situation keeps you alert and your editing pretty ruthless!


Here’s a quick and simplified attempt at drawing out the process. I think it’s simple enough to be self explanatory. And incomplete enough to attempt again sometime soon. One thing is worth emphasising: the big lightning bolt of inspiration only strikes now and again but when it hits it really does bypass the conscious processes and is the best bit about Scribing!